Windows 10 GPIO I2S Bus for a DAC on Rock Pi X

I am working with the Twisted Pair Audio Opus DAC board with I2S Bus input and I2C Bus inputs. I have Visual Studio 2019 installed along with the SDK and WDK to write device drivers and have the audio driver testing code compiling on the Rock Pi X 4GB/128GB board running on Windows 10 Home 64bit OS.

It is ~50GB of development system and trying to find info is interesting. I have the Intel Atom X5-z8350 CPU SOC GPIO 40pin connector info and see the open I2S Bus pins on the board. The question is what are the names of the pins and how do you control them? I see things like portcls.h header for C++ that is supposed to be used, but wading through it is very interesting,

Any tips greatly appreciated.

Any information about GPIO use in Windows 10 for I2S Bus access? Looks like the drivers for the GPIO are loaded, but no information on accessing them. Is there a Intel or Microsoft document to read about use?

I have the same problem, the king is naked, there is a GPIO without any instructions for windows 10.

Same problem too. An update from the team would be nice. I bought this board to run Windows AND have GPIO. If I wanted just a GPIO, I would I have gotten a Raspberry. If I just wanted Windows, I would have gotten regular computer. In its current state, this board is a scam.

Radxa team, respond.

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