Windows 10 and Remote Desktop

Has anyone been able to use Microsoft Remote Desktop? I know the port is open because the current user is logged out and a username/password prompt is presented to the RDP client. After logging in there is a screen but it is all black. My Rock is intended to run headless since it is providing a host for the Paxton Net2 service. It would be nice to do admin tasks over the LAN.

Thanks in advance.

I had a similar experience with RealVNC Server, I was able to address it with an HDMI Dummy Dongle.

That’s a great idea. VNC may be the answer. RDP doesn’t work even when there is a monitor and KB attached.


I had the same problem and soved by updating video drivers.

That’s awesome. Where can the drivers bo downloaded?

Just let it search Windows update.

Under the device manager the display adapter is “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter”. Is that correct? This is the windows wim image from here. I attempted to update the driver, windows found Intel HD Graphics but “Windows encountered a problem …”

I have the same issues with black screen and Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. Anyone found a solution?

This problem can also happen if your are trying to use a virtual display doesn’t exist. For example if you have set the session for port 5901 but are trying to connect to port 5900 (the default).

The blank display is coming up because there is not display where you are looking.

You better try Teamviewer. You do not need to get account linked because there is an option in setup to accept LAN connections only. Then you need to add your password and bang on.