Win10 not find wifi and BT-ROCK PI X

After setup win10 , not find wifi and BT, so i download wifi and BT driver ,but where put it ?

Does they show up on your Device Manager ?

I had find this device ,but driver not work , find better driver


Have you solved the problem?

There is not any problem with the Radxa OEM Windows… but installing a fresh W’10 I can’t use my WiFi. I installed the Radxa drivers but it doesn’t work :frowning:

up now ,I haven’t solve this ,

up now , have people solve this problem?

Only way to make it work is to use the OEM Windows image you find on the wiki as far as I know. It comes with the drivers pre-installed. As everything with this board, it’s a mess. One of the driver included is a HP printer for some reason.

Also don’t expect support from the Radxa team. They gave up on support for this board.

It’s true.

Fortunately, with Windows updates you can use the newest Windows versions