Will these 2 work with the radxa zero 3w?

Will these 2 work with the radxa zero 3w?



@Alvin can you help to check this ?

Hi I have no aliexpress accont, can you tell me what is it module?

This display can not work since the display is for RPi 3B:

This UPS should work:

They have a version for RPi 4 (the one pictured) which should work as a monitor at least, as it looks like it has a Micro HDMI to HDMI adapter included. The GPIO socket on the display that’s used for power and touch control won’t line up with the Radxa Zero 3W GPIO header and I’m not sure if the touch interface would work anyway. But the display has a USB port for power delivery. You could also run jumpers from the Raxda GPIO to the display pin socket for power and ground.

GOOD FIND>>> I think it might(?) not fit EXACTLY, but with a little finesse and some jumpers it would make a great display and probably touch. The price is right and it would be a project for a handheld. The screen is a bit small and accurate touching may be a problem. They also have some larger HDMI touchscreens (although less resolution) for slightly more money that you might consider for a little larger and handier I/O device. To fully utilize the screen size, you might have to carry a stylus with you. The battery backup is also a worthwhile buy since it may work as it is, but if it requires a little fiddling it is still worth the money and effort. I have added the small HDMI module to my current order plus the 7" 1024x600 touchscreen for $27.07D.

A HDMI Display and usb touch (like yours) will work in almost all recent computers and in your raxda zero, too.

Just received the screen you referenced in this email and it works fine, although VERY tiny to use as a Linux scrren. You need a magnifying glass and get close to the screen to see full detail on a 1080i resolution. I haven’t yet tried the touch functions because I haven’t master the gpiod stuff yet, but I’ll get to that. But!! It would work well as a second screen to show special messages, alerts, errors, etc. I think I’ll try using an analog switching circuit to see if this will work through the software controlled switch.
I also received the slightly more expensive 7" similar version of this screen in less resolution and it also works great (touch also not tested on the Zero3W) and really is visible enough for a really nice handheld device.

One other option that most people don’t know about is that an old or salvaged laptop/tablet screen can also be used very inexpensively. Just look at the back of the screenassy for a make or model number of the screen and search on-line for that model number plus " HDMI Driver". Most laptop/tablet screens have an available driver board that accepts HDMI inputs just like a monitor of TV screen. The touch portion (if screen permits) might be a problem, but even the touch screen panels (less the TFT part) can be fastened to the front of any TFT screen are readily available and easy to install.
One more tip… I see no reason to buy an expensive HD monitor, since modern TVs with several HDMI inputs are readily available. Ask your friends for their old TVs as they get replaced by new 4K units. Even a 720p smart TV from Walmart is less than $100D… AND you can watch TV or stream video like YouTube, etc. My desk has a smart 43" TCL 4K TV (4 HDMI inputs) as a main monitor and provides great visibility and detail with plenty of real estate for multiple windows.