Wifi with ROCK PI 4 Model A on Armbian Image


Hello, i’m having trouble setting up Wifi using the provided Armbian Image on Rock Pi Model A using USB Wifi dongle, i have two dongles, one RT5370 and RTL8188CUS but none of them worked, anyone has managed to get wifi working on model A on this board can help me please?


I haven’t heard of anyone trying to use a RockPi A with Wifi yet. The developers are working with a lot of enthusiasm to close the most important gaps quickly, but I’m not sure how important WiFi is for RockPi without WiFi.


I understand that is not a priority, but having a couple spare USB Wifi and Bluetooth dongles made me think that would be a good idea on saving 10 bucks and buying the cheaper model, i wonder if i’ll be the only one…


I think model A wasn’t produced in the beginning, so at the moment almost everybody has a model B.


You can download the latest kernel package and install manually on Armbian. The issue is Armbian has their own kernel package repository. If you want to build the kernel, you can just build and install the latest kernel and modules. Normal wifi dongles should work in the latest kernel.


thanks, i’ll try that.