WiFi Throughput?

With the Armbian image, I have been getting only 300KBytes/s over the built-in WiFi
The main problem is that the SDIO clock to the RTL8723-DS is limited to only 1Mhz by the kernel. The following dts overlay increases the SDIO clock to 10Mhz and WiFi thoughput to 2.4MBytes/s. However, WiFi hangs if clocked faster than this.

Is anyone getting better performance than 2.4MBytes/sec?
If so, please describe how.


//For RockPI-S:  Increase SDIO Max Frequency from 1Mhz to 10Mhz
//Increases RTL8723-BS WiFi's throughput from 300KB/s to 2.4MB/s


/ {
	fragment@0 {
		target = <&sdio>;
		__overlay__ {
			max-frequency = <10000000>;