WiFi not working

Hey all,

When I follow the instructions to check the wifi I am unable to see any networks available after a scan. I see the hardware is enabled but then after a scan nothing happens.
I have a small antenna attached 2.4 and 5.0 ghz capable.
Also I had issues with the ssh early on and was unable to ssh over uart 2 and found uart 0 to be capable instead. However while trying uart 2 I tried different usb to ttl cables and of course tried a 5V without looking. So I’m not sure how to see if I damaged the wifi module by attempting to transmit a 5V signal over uart 2 receive pin.
Is anyone else having issues with wifi/ble and are there any troubleshooting tips for wifi/ble? I am on the V1.1 hardware using the debian image provided by radxa.

Thanks in advance!

Hello zach,

Are you using rockpis-debian-190806 image?If you using this image it’s debug uart is uart2 on default.

You can use sudo ifconfig to see is it have wlan0 device,PiS has some bug about WiFi now, sometimes you need to reboot it to use WiFi properly,we will fix it as soon as possible.

Yes I am using that image. I have not been successful using ssh over uart2. Only uart 0 works for me?

Thanks for the quick reply! I look forward to a new build hopefully soon…

Uart0 debug console were used by old image,in new image we change it to uart2.
You can reference Rock Pi S Serial Console to configuring on your PC,the cable connect like this:

Thanks for your wait.

Oh I see I thought I was on hardware version v11 not v10. Thank you I am still unable to get wifi at the moment but will try to reflash the sd again. Thank you again for the help :slight_smile: