WiFi not working in Android 12 for Rock 5B

I have a Rock 5B with 16GB RAM and A8 wifi module. I flashed 32GB Kingston microSD card different Android 12 images:

  • Rock5B-Android12-rkr12-20230315-gpt
  • Rock5B-Android12-rkr12-Box-20221129-gpt
  • Rock5B-Android12-rkr12-Tablet-20221129-gpt

First issue is that when I boot it the first time, it boot loops for about 15-20 minutes before showing the “Android” logo and the OS welcome screen shows up.

The second problem is that the wifi doesn’t work. I can somehow enable wifi but there are no SSIDs appearing. The ethernet port works just fine, but I still need the A8 module wifi to work. I know the hardware works because when I used the official Debian KDE (build 39) image, I was able to connect to the network through wifi. Is there further configuration I need to do in order for the wifi to work on Rock 5B + Android 12?

Apart from these two issues, everything else works fine. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue?

Update on this matter:

I reached out to Radxa support and they sent me a new Android 12 build (rk14) for Rock 5B. They said the old builds do not support the newer A8 modules. The wifi works for me now, but it came with other issues. It came with preinstalled google services which, even when disabled, gave continuous warnings/notifications.

Also, audio line out didn’t work when HDMI is connected. There is no sound in either the connected headphones and the HDMI built-in speakers. However, pass-through audio in HDMI works when there is nothing connected to the audio jack. Bluetooth audio works good.

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They sent me the same image … was about to try it… :slight_smile:

@Proclaim3692 they sent another one with a working microphone jack now. Google services were also removed. One last thing I noticed, however, is there are weird video artifacts every few seconds when playing content from YouTube. It’s not really a big concern for my use case, but maybe something you should be aware of.

I confirmed WLAN and Bluetooth worked as expected. I had a weird HDMI artifact but i attribute that to them activating the Display 10 FHD overlay which will be this board’s primary use (it was suck in portrait mode on the 8K output connector). Mine had no Google Services at all and mine never went through and Out of the Box or Initial Setup.

I just booted the device again and didn’t see any YouTube playback issues, but I also noticed that the ability to power off the device is gone as well.

Connected my 10FHD display and everything works. Only thing missing at this point are the Google Services (Play Store) and auto-rotation which is supposed to work on Android at least. No issues right now with YouTube … I am running the whole thing right now via an Anker Essentials 20000 PD …

No issues with connecting my old iMac Keyboard and Magic Mouse via Bluetooth either