Wifi Dropouts after short periods of time

Hi, I have 3 Rock Pi 4B trying to get ROS running stable on them. Everyone has Wifi dropouts (loosing their IPv4 Address after some time, only keeping the ipv6). Tried each one, tried armbian ubuntu 20 ubuntu 18 and manjaro on them, nothing fixes the wifi problems. Without disabling wifi powersaver, it is way too unresponsive, so on every boot i disable it. But it doesn’t change the problem with loosing the Wifi connection.
Today i gave it another try using the latest armbian (21.08 using Kernel 5.13). I tried to install a docker image over ssh, and it just lost the wifi connection again…
I tried 2 different Routers at my workplace and my home Router. With the Raspberry pi 4b, i never experienced these issues but i want to use the Rock Pi’s due to the better cpu.

This post seems to experience the same behaviour: Rock Pi 4, below-par Wifi connectivity, latency & openSSH

And no answer since 2019…

I really think this is a hardware Issue from the wifi chip, does anyone know if a normal wifi usb dongle works, so i can use that and completely ignore the onboard wifi?

Go to Armbian download pages and pick one from the list 8811 / 8812au will work best.