Wifi and bluetooth separat

is it possible turn off bluetooth on built in 8723au module and use only wifi?
Thank in advance.

On ROCK Pi S, the Wi-Fi/BT chip is RTL8723DS. And Wi-Fi driver and Bluetooth driver are built as modules, which allows us to use one of them if necessary. Also the RTL8723DS Bluetooth needs extra firmware.

When the Wi-Fi module is detected on the bus, the Wi-Fi module will be installed automatically. When Bluetooth is needed, we need to install the Bluetooth driver and its related firmware.

As for the RTL8723AU, I think it is possible to use only Wi-Fi if you don’t install BT firmware.

RTL8723AU- it’s my mistake

of course i mean RTL87v23DS
Thank you very much for answer

Okay. I see. You’re welcome.