WiFi 5 GHz Connection

Hi, I have official Debian (22112021) on eMMC. When I check wifi connection of zero from modem (dual 2.4/5 GHz), its shows 2.4 GHz. I keep it close to wifi but not changes connection type. Is there any problem with my zero that has uFL connector on the board? Thanks.

Can you check the WiFi/BT module on board? AP6256 or …?

I have 4/64GB model, AP6256 written on top of WiFi module.

Check your router side if 5G AP is enabled?

I’m sure router side 5 ghz enabled. My phone and laptop uses 5ghz without any problem.

Please show me a video of board and WiFi connection info.


Hi again, after many tries I successfully booted Manjaro 21.12 from uSD card. I can use 5 ghz with manjaro. I think, debian has unrevelaed options to use 5 ghz.