Wie GPIO und Pullup aktivieren?

Hello everyone,

My Rock 5B (1.43) is running Armbian_23.5.0. “Bookworm legacy”

How can I activate the GPIOs ?
Do the Rock 5B GPIO have internal pullups?
If so, how are they activated?

Is there a graphical interface to activate / set the GPIO`s

As a Rock5B / Armbian Newbie I would be happy about support.


Thanks Vitalicus,

The activation of the GPIOs is described in the wiki - but I couldn’t find any information about internal pullup resistors.

Do the Rock 5B GPIOs have internal pull-up resistors?

If yes,

  1. How can I activate the pullup?

  2. what is the value of the pullup?

  3. How much current is allowed to flow at GPIO pin 1 (+3.3 V) and at pins 2/4 (+5.5V)?