Why no power supply in the box

Who made the decision to not include a PS? Ordered a Rock 5b from RS because they didn’t supply Raspberry PIs. Now I have no adapter to get the device to even boot.

Seems a really dumb idea to not include one especially with how picky the device is about the PS.

Really not a great start, likely to return.

Rather than complaining here you could have read what you were buying.


And maybe from where u purchased it… added the oficial power supply to it too…


I have ordered multiple devices from Radxa (using ALLNet). Not even once I had issues like broken units or missing parts. They all are packaged and delivered well. Also, the website is good at recommeding the needed parts.


When ordering did they contain a power supply in the box?

Seems a very odd process to sell a product with no way of powering it.

Given that there is nothing that explicitly says “this does not contain a power supply” on the description, it has “power requirements” but that is not an indication that there is no power supply in the box.

RS online. No where does it say you need to buy the power supply separately.

Where does it says that your a getting a power supply?

Seems a very odd process to sell a product with no way of powering it.

Which other SBCs comes with a PS? Raspberry pi? No. Orange Pi? No. It’s a standard procedure not to include it, as long as you can power the board with any PS I don’t see the problem, especially with something like the 5B where you can use pretty much anything, a 5V usb, any PD usb, or even a fixed 12V powersupply. Other boards like the RPi 5 needs 5V@5A, which is a harder to find PS, and still don’t include it in box.


Except my pi did come with everything in the box. Took it out of the box put it into the housing and was up and running within 5 minutes.

“pretty much anything” except any of the 10+ adapters I have tried, the device is incredible fussy. I tested my pi using other random power supplies and they all worked fine.

The Rock just reboot loops or doesn’t every get off the green light stage.

Searching RS for the correct power supply, OKDO seem to sell a plethora of pi adapters but when searching for a rock 5 adapter with a cable there is nothing other than the plug.

This is a useless argument.

Your pi came with a PS because you bought one bundled with it. They do not include one by standard. No official PI retailer I can find (PiShop, CanaKit, sparkfun, central computers) sells it with the PS unless you opt to bundle them together in the purchase. This isn’t really disputable.

The boot loops are pretty much only an issue using PD. Use a fixed power supply, and it will boot. This is documented heavily. It IS a valid complaint, but it’s not hard to solve especially given… your 5B did not come with a power supply so, when buying one, you buy a compatible one.


True… but in this new century… doesnt apple sells phones without charger now? and samsung? and probably google?

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The real problem is that the “official” power supply is not the best for it so even if you were getting it too, it wouldn’t work very well.

But as others said, you bought a raspberry pi bundle, not “just” a raspberry pi, which you can also buy without a power supply. Your actual question should be “why are there no Rock5 bundles”. Ask the Radxa vendors, not Radxa


Also … none of them boards company do sell them with power supply… radxa khadas maybe orange pi on some models but most of them dont you have to get your own or buy theirs separate… ‘This is the wey’