Why no fuse on power input?

I want to power the board reliably from 12V but there seems to be no way to do that. VBUS on the typec is connected directly to the DCDC without any fuse at all, why is that? Otherwise i would have just removed the fuse and soldered a wire there but now I think the best way is to solder to C90414 but I’m wondering what would happen if I connect anything to the typec while VBUS is at 12V from the board. Any suggestion?

We don’t suggest connecting other devices via type C while input 12V to the board. It may damage the USB C devices.

the nice thing is you can just draw it out . and ask the question if i connect then a 5v device what would happen when i supply it with 12v

and 48v s considered safe so why a fuse .

Were not typec that would mean 5V only. Being typec means there is some mechanism on guest devices to handle higher voltages. Like a usbc hub that has other 5V usb ports but also lets 20V from a charger pass through to the host device. In this case the hub is not having 5V on VBUS. Besides that, I cannot find an interpretation of your last remark though, my question was clear, seems strange not to have an input fuse.

And that for sure is what I also thought. Any suggestion on how to power the board from a 12V rail?

buy a pcb on aliexpress wit a 12v barrel and a usb-c connector

and still not strange to have no fuse

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