Why my boot dir is empty

I compile the debian image by https://wiki.radxa.com/Rockpi4/dev/Debian, and flash the image to sd-card.
then start the system, i found some stange log

Retrieving file: /hw_intfc.conf
** Unable to read file /hw_intfc.conf **
hw_conf.valid = 0
hw_conf.pwm0 = 2
hw_conf.pwm1 = 2
hw_conf.uart2 = 2
hw_conf.uart4 = 2
hw_conf.spi1 = 2
hw_conf.spi2 = 2
hw_conf.i2c2 = 2
hw_conf.i2c6 = 2
hw_conf.i2c7 = 2
hw_conf.dts_overlay_count = 0
1: kernel-4.4
Retrieving file: /Image

The system can run, but the boot dir is empty, so i can’t modify the config file.

I diff the image compiled by myself with download image. Files in boot dir is different. This is normal?
If I compile correctly?

Use command lsblk to see if you have a boot partition.
Then see if you have “/boot” configed in file /etc/fstab.
If you have “/boot” configed in /etc/fstab, maybe sometimes boot partition is not auto mounted at boot. You can use command mount -a to mount it manually.

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thanks for reply.
I check the /etc/fstab, it’s empty too.:rofl: