Why is a 128GB limit on the size of sd card on radxa zero?

I have seen some post mentioning rpi 0 doesnt have limit on the sd card size. If it is true why radxa zero have 128GB limit. Someone had actually tested and confirmed that larger sd cards where not to be woeking.

I use a 256 GB SD card in my Radxa Zero without any problems. I use this card to save recordings. So it’s not true that larger cards do not work at all.

If SD cards larger than 32GB work, all SD cards up to 2 TB will work too. Since we’re talking about standards and all ARM SoCs made in the last years support SDHX and not just SDHC (which was limited to 32GB).

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I tried this case with a 1TB SDXC scan disk card and it did not work. Output of dmesg says unable to read the partition table. Checked the card on different os and works fine everywhere.