Which Rock Pi S camera?

Hello, can you suggest a camera module for this board?
I am imagining something like the rpi camera module but with usb output pins that I will plug in the usb port or an esp32-camera board that will give compressed video to the rockpi S. But then if I stream seperately from esp-camera I will only need to compress the spi camera input.

The goal is to stream two cameras(one spi) and mic audio from this board and receive one audio input stream and send it to speakers.

I think you’d better draw a diagram to show how you want to connect the camera and the ROCK Pi S from usb or spi.

Hello, I made this sketch. I want to take microphone input and audio output to speakers. I have a camera that will use the spi interface from the pins. I need a second camera for the project and it cannot be a webcam. I imagine something like friendlyarm’s FA-CAM202 or a camera module that will give h264/compressed video.

  1. what camera to connect as a 2nd camera?
  2. will the board be able to stream or is it too much?