Which hardware revision it is?

By chip model (RK3308B SBAKW50000 2214 4M19101),I can’t tell which version it is.

Can anyone help me?


  • Change 4 PINs MIC on 26P header 2 with SPI/I2C/UART function, as required by some applications. Check V13 GPIO PINOUT (Pin 13/14/15/16) for more details


Because of the supply chain challenge, Rockchip updated RK3308 version to RK3308BS. For ROCK Pi S V1.3 version manufactured in 2022 and later, we now use the new RK3308B-S version. The hardware difference of S version can be found here and software difference explanation can be found here.

The new ROCK Pi S images released in 2022 already supports both chip version, it’s backward compatible with all ROCK Pi S versions.

  • SoC RK3308 now changed to RK3308B-S version

You have got a

A RK3308B v1.3 as I did as really wanted the new BS to see if codec changes fixed the ADC

I have same one, but I wonder it’s V1.3 or V1.3(2022)?

If the chip says “RK3308B-S” then it is the 2022 model.

RK3308B v1.3 not BS