Where to report issues on Radxa distros

Is the correct place to report issues on the Debian Radxa distro on Github? Where on Github? I don’t think the problem is Debian.

When installing the Radxa Debian 11 CLI distro for the 4se board, I get a crash when installing the desktop, any desktop using tasksel. The installation hangs at “Prepairing to configure plymouth”. Is this a driver issue? What can cause this crash?

Running sudo dpkg --configure -a fixes the problem and finishes the install. All runs fine after that.

Yes, you can report issue here,

@RadxaYuntian please have a look at this issue

I need to update the release note for ROCK 4SE, but we do not support custom DE installation on CLI image at this moment. This is because by default our CLI image does not pin Rockchip packages at high priority, so when you run tasksel it will install Debian X.Org instead of Rockchip patched X.Org which can cause a lot of issues.

We currently does not plan to support alternative DE even on our Desktop image, but on that image, the Rockchip packages are set up correctly. So you could install a new DE then uninstall the preinstalled one.