Where is the NVME screw?

I cannot find the NVME screw.
I’m I missing something?

no, it was not there in box,
but You should get it with Your m.2 card. some manufactureres give two :wink:

Mine came with 0.
Now what?
I use this drive https://www.patriotmemory.com/products/p300-pcie-m-2-internal-ssd.
I don’t don’t think I have ever bought a motherboard with NVME support missing the NVME screw.

And You really registered here just to complain about missing screw?

first link to get some

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I have registered because I’m a new customer to help me solve problems that arise from the adoption of new SBC.
Since there was a screw on the M.2 E Key post I used this one and I’m now missing 2 screws.
I wanted to point out the stupid engineering-management decision not to include the M.2 post screws.

P.s And of course I will not pay 5$ plus shipping for 1 or 2 screws.

This is standard screw and You can easily find it in any computer/electronic store.
This is not that huge problem.