Where is RockPi4B going?


It doesn’t make it onto evaluation sites like LinuxGizmos or anything.

Is there any marketing behind this device? It might help get some community support.



We are not marketing it at all. Do you have ideas about the marketing?


At least sell at Amazon or AliExpress. You should know how many people complained to me that they are unable to order from the store now. You are loosing a lot customers who just buy the NanoPi M4 instead while they wanted the Rock Pi 4.
I think that would make a big difference. I wouldve bought the big heatsink long ago if I wouldnt have to deal with that shop for example.

It is the best board on the market. The design is amazing. The work from the Radxa team is good, new software is being made, and questions are answered on the forum. Keep doing all that. Thats what can be the difference between you and other board makers. They dont care much for support, so make use of that.

If you do that, then the boards will sell themself.

Do keep the quality control high, fix the problems there are, like those with the heatsink and m.2 board.

I did hear bad things about the earlier boards. People even insulted me for making a review video about the RockPi4B, because they seem to have had a bad experience. It`s hard to convince someone like that that things are better.

For now what I see is very good, so keep up the good work.
I hope the problem of the M.2 compatibility can get fixed too. That`s also a point where people can get dissapointed for.



I agree with @NicoD that getting it in stock on Amazon or similar would do wonders for your sales in the UK and Europe.

After all, Allnet.de won’t even show a price unless you enter into an offline conversation with them to register as a client - the customer journey there stretches the definition of ‘online shop’ back into corporate 1950s territory!

Luckily, we UK customers can buy from Allnet China, who are a bit less antiquated in attitude and process, but that’s worrying on the returns front and makes for expensive/slow shipping. (E.g. I have a board to send back, and am concerned that I’ll end up incurring a second load of VAT and import duty on the replacement.)

I think these unnecessary hurdles to buy the Rock Pi 4 put a lot of potential buyers off. It’s an excellent board and you’ve done a cracking design job; you deserve to get some decent exposure and revenue from that.

On the RPi form factor, I agree with what you said in your product announcement: the RPi form factor is far from perfect (e.g. for integrating into a device, I’d much prefer the ‘external IO’ along one edge not two at right angles) but having used that form factor, the boards can fit into that (very big) ecosystem really well.

With the RPi boards themselves relatively under-specced nowadays and not due for upgrade in 2019, I suspect you’re ideally positioned to capture hackers looking around for a slot-in replacement that’s more modern with better performance and resources.

One other note: if customers visit http://www.radxa.com/ they’re offered a directory listing with just a debug info.php. I suspect you mean it to redirect to https://wiki.radxa.com/ like http://radxa.com/ ?


@NicoD has just written what I wanted to say. Rock Pi 4 B is amazing and if you put a little more effort in availability you will sell it from few to dozen times more than currently. You did a great engineering effort and we really appreciate it!

Accessories should be as available as the board itself. Good engineer will search the whole Internet for what he needs and will find your offer very attractive.