Where can I find the buildroot defconfig?

At [1] one can read that there is buildroot support, where can I find the defconfig ?

[1] https://wiki.radxa.com/News/2019/6/rockpi-summer-updates-2019

There existed a configuration for Rock Pi 4 for a short time, but not for Rock Pi S.

Support for Rock Pi 4 was added [1] after release 2019.05, but was removed [2] before the next release due to inconsistencies in the build.

[1] added June 2019
[2] removed September 2019

@luc, thanks, but obviously not what I was looking for.

Rock Pi 4 is not only a different board, but a different processor, too.

In [1] it clearly states:

Debian and buildroot is currently supported on ROCK Pi S

So someone has to have a valid defconfig for it, I just wonder where to find it.

[1] https://wiki.radxa.com/News/2019/6/rockpi-summer-updates-2019

I’m interested too.
Having a 256MB model, I would much prefer cross-compiling with buildroot.