Where can I buy M.2 Screws?

I wanted some more M.2 Screws, where can I buy M.2? on amazon or on any another.

the screws of M.2 extend board are customized.

it should be hard to find and buy

would you please sharing why needing more screws

I snapped one and they are m2.5 just to make things harder.

Its only the 3mm ones that are a pain as ‘m2.5 standoff’ and ‘m2.5 laptop screws’ will prob get you loads of results.
The 3mm M2.5 standoff I am struggling to find.
In fact I have some 4mm & 8mm and using some shim to make up the 1mm extra as not looking good.

I also have the m.2 extender mounted on the heatsink so have extra standoffs for that even if the m2 is on the underside and least the heatsink is correct and the ribbon no longer obstructs the sd slot.

I have lost M.2 Screws, and wanted to get it. Also M.2 SSD does not come with screws.

They are also not m.2 size which are usually m2.0 as in mm but again m2.5mm.

m2.5mm laptop screws and to be honest not all that sure if the z height of the pillars is correct but they work.