Where and how can I get Kernel 4.9


trying to install 3CX on ROCK Pi Debian 9 (comes standard with Kernel 4.4). It fails and 3CX support says it’s because of the unsupported Kernel. They require 4.9.

WHere can I download/upgrade to this Kernel? I could not find it.



You can’t upgrade just like that.

Armbian is closest to this. There you can upgrade a kernel via armbian-config -> system -> alternative kernels. Current support with the only alternative (5.3. -> ) is not production ready but usable to some point.

According to this; https://www.3cx.com/docs/supported-operating-systems/
They only support “x64”, by which I presume that they actually mean “x86_64” aka “AMD64”.

Not ARM64.

They also suggest that should-work, but not supported “Debian 8, kernel 3.16”, so I’m sure its not about the kernel version, but rather about having a cpu instruction set that differs from their proprietary precompiled blobs.

FURTHER, it looks like they “added” Linux support just from the previous-to-current version, which means that this really is windoze software.

I’d suggest that if you want to run a PBX on rockpi, you go with something more legit, like asterisk.