What version of rock pi 4 is this?


I have a rock pi 4, which was purchased as a rock pi 4a. However, the labelling on it says ROCK PI 4 V1.5. No mention of A, B or C.

Also, it looks like a 4A except it has a POE header by the USB ports, and there is no wifi/bt chip.
It was bought from allnet.china last month. Is this a copy product? this is the one I am having problems with getting the raspberry pi 7 inch screen to work at the same time as the ethernet port (if the screen is disabled, the ethernet works).

Can anyone help me identify this?

See screenshots, they have different location of ports and elements on the board
Model A
Model B
Model C

As you can see from the photo, it looks like a 4A, but it has the POE connector that is not normally on a 4A. Also, the model / version number in the middle is non-standard.

My ‘real’ 4A works with the 7" screen and ethernet concurrently, whereas this device does not, making me believe it is a sub-standard or broken copy…?

Also, it did not come in a ‘radxa’ clear plastic box, but in a green cardboard box that mirrored the look of the raspberry pi box. So I presume that what I have is not made by Radxa.

So far as we know, there is no clone/copy of ROCK Pi 4. The board is made by us. V1.5 is the latest version of 4A/4B(not 4A+/4B+). We will check the 7inch display and ethernet issue, it might be a software issue.


Ok, so it could be the change from RTL8211E to RLT8211F, or the QC/PD protocol trigger chip change, and/or the fact that i’m running from a 5V 3A USB-C supply. I will try a different PSU later and report back.

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Did you manage to look into this issue?