What makes Rock Pi 4 unsuitable for a regular PC

A regular PC is turned on and off frequently.

Rock Pi 4 doesn’t have a power button. I couldn’t find a suitable USB-C PD cable with switch.
I don’t like pulling out a USB-C cable from and inserting it into Rock Pi 4.
Doing it everyday may wear the soldering over time.

Rock Pi 4 is great for a server that always runs, but not great for a computer that is turned on and off frequently.

Rock Pi X does have a power button that attaches to the case, but can I replace eMMC in the future?

I use a smart plug mini WIFI outlet for each one of my ARM SBC’s including my RockPi4C controlled by my android phone app which is widely available in amazon for a low price:

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@crocket it is better to unplug PSU from the wall than disconnect USB-C cable.

A smart plug is a good idea, but I don’t want WiFi. A wired smart plug would be a great idea.

Why would you want a wired smartplug? just plug it into a switched power strip. Alternately, open up the Gosund (you need a screwdriver with a #2 triangular tip, using standard Philips heads would obviously have been too easy for the manufacturer) and re-flash them with something that doesn’t use Wifi. The ESP8266 module in there might even have a couple of free I/O wires. (I have two of these but didn’t check the pinout yet.)

Here is what you need.

3A USB Type C Cable for Samsung S10 S9 S8 Huawei P30 Pro Fast Charge Type-C Phone Charging Wire USB C Cable With ON OFF Switch