What kind of connector is the OLED Display Header on the Penta SATA HAT?

For those of us who want to DIY our own display / fan headers, what’s the header on the Penta SATA HAT board? I assume some flavor of JST, but that doesn’t narrow it down much.

I could keep tacking fly leads to the pins on the bottom of the HAT, but I’d rather do it right with a proper crimped cable.


The seat is PH2.0 2x5 and the pin definition can be viewed in https://docs.radxa.com/en/accessories/penta-sata-hat/sata-hat-top-board

Consider in future product some easy way to replace or upgrade this OLED screen,
I left it working on one NAS for about year now, OLED is right now burned so much that it’s not much usable. Of course top board is easy to replace as whole part, but those were hardly available recently. Also I think that bigger one should be better here, on this it’s hard to to put usable information.
I also think about adding some proximity/motion sensor to detect movement and tun on OLED only when somebody have any chance to see it. For now mostly there is nobody to see :wink:

PHD2.0, I suspect - the “d” is for dual-row. JST’s PH2.0 line is (officially) all just single row connectors. I’ll know in a couple of weeks.

And yeah, I have a couple of hobby grade OLED displays knocking around my house on sensors that are pretty illegible from burn-in after a couple of years. I’m not sure if it’s just the nature of the display, or if there’s a reason the hobby grade ones are only a couple of bucks shipped. It’s a shame that it looks like all the epaper displays I can find use SPI, they would be perfect for the sort of status display you’d want on a NAS.

OLED displays always have this issue, modern type have several techniques to mitigate this problem, but as always the best to avoid this is to not display same content for hours. With such device You don’t stare at it all the time, in fact I put mine on shelf and noticed oled problem after few months. Much more usable were activity leds on bottom of case, but now top is just ugly with this defect.

And checking to confirm - I tried toning out the header pins and they’re all more or less what you’d expect:

  • HAT 1: i2c_sda -> Pi pin 3 (SDA)
  • HAT 2: vcc3v3 -> no pi connection (I assume this is a locally generated voltage? Or maybe there’s just enough flux on Pi pin 1 that my meter couldn’t check continuity.)
  • HAT 3: i2c_scl -> Pi pin 5 (SCL)
  • HAT 4: vcc5v0 -> Pi 5v pins 2 & 4
  • HAT 5: gpio4_s2 -> Pi pin 16 (GPIO 23)
  • HAT 6: gpio4_c2 -> Pi pin 11 (GPIO 17)
  • HAT 7: gnd -> Pi gnd
  • HAT 8: pwm_33 -> Could not tone out. I assume it’s something like Pin 33 / GPIO 13, but I couldn’t get my meter to beep on that or Pin 32 / GPIO 12 or anything else either. But there might be something blocking continuity. I tried looking at the fan control code in the rockpi-penta package, but that just made me even more confused. (And assumes that the fan uses that pin and not just softPWM on either of the other GPIO pins exposed in the header.)
  • HAT 9: gnd -> Pi gnd
  • HAT 10: NC