What is ROCK 5B plus?

anubody knows what is 5B plus version? On Arace some new blue version came up, but this seems to be same rev as earlier, just different board color.

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Yes. Blue version is the same as the previous version for the promotion. 5B+ is an upgrade version of current 5B with some improvements.


Where to read about the differences?
I wish a pin header near power button, to be able to power cycle it with external device…))

what about…
we wait till radxa makes it official by announcement?

But hey… I guess it will be the 32GBs of Ram .

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It would be great to have consistent news system from radxa. So far about new products we usually know from allnet or recently from arace. You can miss several things like the one about new-old Rock 3B :slight_smile: This is why You never know what interesting things are coming up :slight_smile:
I expected that this should be something like ROCK 4B plus but was not sure if blue one is just another batch or it’s that one :slight_smile: Rock 5B is already great board, not much more to improve there, but I expect it will be something like we saw on 3B.

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Blue version seems to be limited to 4 or 8 GB. I’m not sure this works out any cheaper as Arace shipping is without Tax, so local taxes need to be paid on import. Which normally cancels out any discount when importing to the EU.

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16 and 32 GB seem to be available now too. Too bad I ordered with 8GB but it’s also enough for my need.

Yep I may of been caught with that gotcha on the Rock3b

@meco 8gb is prob a sweet spot for price and capable perf, I have a 4gb Opi5 & 8gb Rock5b and its only the 4gb that struggles at time and usually only when compiling.

On arace.tech they have rock 5b available now with 16 and 32 gb ram.
And rock 5a with 16 gb and rock 3c with 2/4/8.

Tempted to buy some boards. Does anyone have any experience with buying from that store?

Worried about taxes/ import duty for shipping to Europe/Germany…

@jack when will these boards be avaliable at the the other retailers (allnet, okodo)?

You will have to pay taxes on your own.

There’s only import duty (if customs even mark it) so it can be final price + 19% (unlikely).

Today I found out you can also order them from Okdo’s parent company shop: https://de.rs-online.com/web/c/raspberry-pi-arduino-und-entwicklungstools/rock-sbc-shop/ (this is the link to the german Radxa subpage).
I recommend also looking at idealo (if you’re from Germany) to find some of the more niche but legit places to order from.

I’m waiting for my arace.tech order to ship since the deal was too good.

@meco import it directly from allnet china… fast delivery to germany (one week) is also possible

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