What image to use

I’m waiting on my Rock Pi to arrive and am wondering what is the most stable/supported image there is to use. I’d like the most hardware to work and have a good GUI desktop.

There must not be one…


It’s hard to say. It really depends on your need. If you want multimedia, you should go with libreELEC. If you want retro game, you should go with Recal_box. For desktop, currently you have two choices, Armbian and Debian Stretch.

Hello, Rock Pi is a wonderful computer, if you are asking about general purpose desktop, as @jack suggested you can choose between Armbian and Debian. I tested both on my Rock Pi and my experience was bad with Armbian, it was impossible to set up it !
Debian works fine, if you update to latest packages the default web browser (chromium) will not work more, so before you update the system you should install other browser (vivaldi is a nice alternative).

You’ll love your RPi !

I have tried debian, and failed to put it in Spanish.

Spanish tutorial for put Armbian to Spanish:

Forgive me if it’s the wrong thread:

Just wasted 10-20 hours trying to make my Rock 4 Pi C+ work for general single-board stuff.

Tried Armbian (multiple versions,builds etc) - Only 1 out of 4 USB ports work.
Tried Debian (multiple versions, builds etc) - Could not make the Wifi work.
Tried Manjaro (multiple version) - Did never boot properly…

Can not believe that this quality/accesibility is acceptible. I am running a store that sells lots of single board computers, so my experience level with Pi, Arduino etc. should be ok. I am glad I tested this before I started to sell it.

I also see that most of the threads here in the forum ends with “Still not working…” / “Any news?”

I’ll come back in a few years, to see if things have changed. Thanks.

Did you use official Armbian or “armbian” from vendor?