What firmware actually provides features advertised for device

I’m having difficulty locating firmware that actually provides the features advertised for this device. Has anyone found any firmware that actually supports both M.2 SATA 2242 and Mini PCIe AP? I’ve tried both official Radxa firmware and 3rd party Armbian and OpenWrt firmware and have not yet been able to get the Mini PCIe AP to be recognized. Both the Radxa firmware and Armbian recognize the M.2 SATA with no issues, but none of the available firmware appear to be able to recognize the WLE900VX Mini PCIe AP.

I don’t have an E25, but perhaps only the USB pins are connected on the Mini PCIe slot? That’s enough to run various 4/5g modules, but a wifi AP will require PCI.

I made the same mistake with a friendlyelec nanopc-t6. I’d bought it intending to use a mini-pcie dual concurrent wifi adapter, but only the USB pins are connected to the SOC. I was rather disappointed. All the pci lanes are dedicated to the m.2 slots.

I had the opposite problem with a solidrun box I run. They had connected pci to a mini-pcie slot that had a paired sim slot, but they forgot to connect usb, so virtually no 4 or 5g modules work.

You can use this image, the WIFI module of AC3165 Mini Pcie interface is working normally.


Perhaps I’m not being clear. I want both the M.2 SATA and a mini PCIe Wifi card at the same time. Quoting from ROCK 3 > Radxa E25 > Getting started


mini PCIe WiFi cards
    example model: DR900VX,Intel 3165HMW
mini PCIe 4G/5G cellular card
    example model: Quectel RG200, Quectel EC25
M.2 B Key LTE module 3042
    example model: Quectel EM05
M.2 SATA SSD 2242
    example model: Lenovo M.2 2242 SATA SSD

I have an M.2 SSD that is recognized using the firmware you mentioned, but it fails to recognize the mini PCIe WiFi card installed with the M.2 SSD. If they are in fact exclusive of one another then the documentation should have reflected that fact!

Is it possible to have M.2 SSD storage with PCIe Wifi at the same time? If not the documentation should be updated to clarify that only one of the 2 interfaces can be used. There is nothing at https://rock.sh/starte25 that would lead one to believe that both interfaces are not available simultaneously.