What do we want in the next Rock Pi?

IF the rock pi 5 is still in the design phase plz copy the layout of the ROCK 3A so the m2 nvme x2 slot is on the back and PLZ PUT THE SLOT IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION SO it dossent stick out at the wrong side and rais it 1 to 3 mm if you need clearence + makes the sbc a a lot more compact…the ribbon cable extenderboard makes no sence at all it only introduces more parts/points of failure and slower transfer since data needs to travel longer then direct mounting in the m2 slot…And if you think you gonna miss out most of us that buy a sbc have a set price in mind…if we have to spend 10 doller on a rather useless extension m2 card that means we will have to shave 10 doller of somewhere else…aka less ram…if you sell more boards with the higher ram on board you can get better bulk price for ur ram chips…

2280 (22mm x 80mm) dimensions of nvme
the socket itsel is 5mm so thats 85 mm(with side mounting)
dimension rock pi 85mm x 54mm
even if side mounting was a no go for radaxa surely adding 2 to 3 mm to the length of the board would not be a issue?) iit seems rather dumb cuz if you mount a board on top of it thats bigger then the board itself you might aswell add 3 mm to the board and keep other positions the same to keep compactebillety

@jack Did the possibility of a S922XJ companion to the Zero garner any further interest?

That would be the Zero Plus.

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That would be awesome, not sure about the name, but specs are pretty amazing. (Can not think of a better name though as it also gives version increment space, zero-one & zero-one-plus if there was every such a thing)
Would that be on a board something approx the size of a Pi3A+?
I deliberately put the J versions with the MP6 Mali as I think there is a lot of interest in a GPU biased model of relatively simple connectors.
Then again when it comes to reported specs and model numbers there seems to be a lot of confusion and its anyones guess but the extra power of the MP6 would likely be very saleable if cost effective.

I also keep thinking a higher density GPIO connector(s) might well be about time otherwise it could turn in pin mux revision musical chairs.
I keep wondering if higher density connector(s) (ribbon cable) have a range of offboard 40pin GPIO daughter boards so you can recreate common gpio and cope with different pin mux whilst also not losing pins.

It would be nice to see a successor to the Rock Pi E that offers two 1000M (2500M?) Ethernet ports and an M.2 connector for use with e.g. OPNsense. :slightly_smiling_face:

Radxa E23, follow ROCK Pi E form factor, one 1000M, one 2500 ethernet.
Radxa E25, dual 2500M ethernet and more features.
Both come this year.

10G/25G/40G comes next year.


I’d love to see a limited run of obnoxiously expensive Rock Pi 5 with 32GB RAM for dedicated fans, some time after the SBC matures - so that if has all the improvements that come with newer hardware revisions. That would be really cool! (=

Please use Ethernet chip which are well supported in linux and bsd.

Interesting to read this, i assume it would be rk356x based, right?

I thought the Rock Pi 5 would be built upon the upcoming (soon I hope) RK3588 CPU.

If the RK3588 remains stalled, here’s a thought for an upcoming Rock Pi 5. Amlogic has apparently just released some specs for its new Amlogic A311D2 upgrade to the already pretty amazing A311D CPU. Up to 16GB memory, and a faster Mali 52 GPU are among the features.

I think that it will be waste of effort, there is not much to gain in case of cpu performance - A311/S922 can do almost the same, gpu is also more like gradual improvement than leap forward from S922, yet we are trading I/O for that - rk3399 have more pcie bandwith overall and usb ports, so it’s still more flexible platform, and even A311D2 improvements in this case give us pcie x1 and usb 3.0 x1.

To sum it up, if rk3399 could compete with S922, A311D2 will not change a lot, especially that acording to @jack rk3588 - and therefore rock pi 5 - should be out before new year.

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But the RK3399 is only about half as fast as the S922/A311D, and its worse than that on graphics, so just how is the RK3399 competing? The A311D2 would be a huge improvement.

Perhaps if the RK3588 is a lock for the Rock Pi 5, the A311D2 could be considered for a Rock 3A Plus.

In real world use, it is the opposite. Allysa explained it in one of her post that rk3399 gpu gives better performance than s922x due to its memory bandwidth.

RK3588 is further delayed so mostly next year we might get working samples.


@hipboi where and when can I get a unit to test?

Which SBC are you referring to?

ROCK5? It’s under development.

My wish list for next board:

  • M.2 slot with 4x pcie lanes like on nanopc t4 - that makes this board best in terms of nvme speed
  • 16GB RAM option
  • Slot M.2 E with 2x pcie lanes to support google coral dual edge adapter
  • 2.5GB ethernet is future
  • i personally preffer usb-c instead of bigger USB
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I would add to it :

  • 32GB RAM option - looking at history, this board will be with us for a few years as boards with rk3399 did, so it can be handy to have few gb more
  • 5/10gbe network options - looking at pcie ports on rk3588 it should be possible and maybe something more than 2.5gbe will be possible to feed with new cpu in NAS use case (wishfull thinking xD)

Maybe a little kernel upgrade will be welcome? Can latest LTS kernel (5.15) adopt to new rock pi?


Hello jack,

Is there an estimated date for E25? We’re excited about the dual 2.5Gbps ethernet for DIY routers :slight_smile:!

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