Web site bug, can't click schematic link


  1. Radxa, note here wiki . radxa . com /Rock5/hardware under “Rock5 model B”, clicking “v1.1 schematic pdf” leads you to a 404 error page.

  2. Also below there " *[RK3588 datasheet - The SoC of ROCK 5

  • RK3588 S datasheet - The SoC of ROCK 5 in small package"

Better correct “small package” with “Compute Module format”, and to the first one “ROCK 5” write “ROCK 5 SBC”.

  1. At wiki . radxa . com /Rock5 there is a link “For detailed difference of Model A and Model B, please check Specifications (link)”, that page does not lead anywhere.

You can delete this thread after these points have been corrected.

It’s just a place holder, we will implement the wiki before launching the rock 5b.

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Many thanks - this thread can be removed