We need NesPi case for Radxa ROCK 5B from Retroflag

Are we asking too much?

Why for 5B? The 5A fits into most cases designed for RPi 4B.

Where do you see version A for sale? It is not on aliexpress, or anywhere else, I seem to have seen only on one site unknown to me, on which I would not order. The main disadvantage is that A does not support PD3.0 DP video and power over one cable, I was told this in the topic about PD3.0. In addition, B has two PCIe slots.

Got mine from Allnet.China, but yes, the current status is “sold out”. All your other arguments are true, but the NesPi was designed for a RPi4B and this one hasn’t them either. I still believe you can more or less just “swap” it. Or do I miss something?

Are you offering to buy me a Raspberry Pi 4? I don’t want Raspberry Pi 4, it’s much weaker than ROCK 5B. In addition, making the case for ROCK 5B is much easier and more reliable, since it has all the connectors on one side. I don’t want a ROCK 5 A if it doesn’t have simultaneous video and power over USB-C.

We are trying to catch up with the ROCK 5A production. All the backlog will be fulfilled in two weeks.

Hello. Why doesn’t the ROCK 5B support 4k@120Hz over USB-C? Will there be a new board with 8k@120Hz over USB-C 4.0 gen 4? Will the next new board have dual channel DDR5 memory?

No, I tried to argue that a 5A would be a natural fit for the NesPi. Obviously my English isn’t good enough to transport that message.