We need a Buildroot config


I just learned of Buildroot: a utility that builds /root and beyond! Other SBC platforms have their configs included in the bundle, we should figure out what our’s is and have it included. Radxa, help!: contributing this would help with uptake of the Rock Pi 4. I was able to derive a _defconfig file from the Linaro 7.4.1 runtime here https://releases.linaro.org/components/toolchain/binaries/latest-7/aarch64-linux-gnu/ but the formatting was off. Maybe something for Python to do a word replace on. I deleted the files because it was a failed kernel build but following this development guide gets you there https://wiki.radxa.com/Rockpi4/dev/kernel-4.4 . You may need to apt-get install curses or apt-get install ncurses if make menuconfig fails but it doesn’t matter for our purposes here as you’ll have the _defconfig file by this point. git pull buildroot/buildroot and have a look at the files in the /config directory, the information is what we need but the variable names need chaging. I’ve only just learned about Buildroot so I’m unsure how to proceed. Maybe we have a member of the forum who has more experience using Buildroot.

Basically, I’m trying to get a GNOME or KDE Manjaro-ARM https://manjaro.org/download/ GUI on the RockPI4 config from Radxa.



You can use rk3399 buildroot system without their kernel.


I want radxa also to support their buildroot. :slight_smile:


as @hideki suggest, you can just use buildroot from Rockchip with our kernel. Because for buildroot, it’s hard to update via ota, unless you want to customize the whole system, we don’t recommend to use buidlroot.