Wayland Linux 5.2 Gnome3 on Rockpi4!

If you are after game emulators then you prob better off with recallbox.

Prob needs early testers with the freshness of panfrost I haven’t had a look and don’t know if it uses wayland or x11

It will be as bad as retropie on rpi, so no thanks hahaha. Right now its on kernel 4.4 (so no panfrost at all) ,without mesa its useless. I will wait some time and upgrade everything (mesa include) to see if something change. Gamers will not by this board for running nes hahaha

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Hey stuart! Ive got armbian (kernel 5.2 + panfrost) working!! wifi works here and as far as I know the boot time its not near as bad as manjaro. I will try to compile panfrost from here.

Rebooted and yes, the bootimg time its just normal

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did you go from 4.4 bionic?

No. I built the image with expert mode. Ive use ayufan kernel 5.2, bionic, activate panfrost (as a module)… and thats all.

now ive need to test if panfrost actually works, so I am compiling right now, but ive think I need to rest now hahaha …crossing fingers!!

Panfrost works but mesa 19.2.0-devel is far more complete

indeed! so, I need to test how performs when updating mesa!!

anyway, this its much solid than manjaro (at least for our board)

here wifi works perfectly and sensors too (I had to experiment biological temperature measurement tools on manjaro)

I dunno I had my SBC monitor die on me just as I was testing 5.3-rc1

I am not sure what the best source is https://gitlab.collabora.com/rockpi maybe

But I am sort of sunk at the moment for testing.

I can say the very same boot delays and watchdog freeze happen at the same points with 5.3 and boot wise it is no better.

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Ok. I will compile latest mesa tomorrow. I need to sleep. Thanks for the info. I will try out manjaro again when 5.3 its out… Or maybe I should wait for armbian 5.3. This works much better for now.

I will try to update the kernel from that repo to 5.3… But not now hahah

Well done though.

Prob is that uboot is heavily modified and such a mix of patches away from mainline uboot which is the likely cause.
Manjaro will not touch that uboot but might be persuaded to add the necessary patches to current mainline.

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I cant find the fbturbo related packages on armbian, it uses another driver than manjaro?? On glxinfo feels like its the same but an older version. Ive use dpkg -S fbturbo , no output.

apt-cache search fbdev but have a look in you xorg log

git clone https://github.com/glmark2/glmark2 -b master
cd glmark2
./waf configure --with-flavors=drm-gl,drm-glesv2,x11-gl,x11-glesv2
sudo ./waf install

That will tell you when you start glmark2-es2

ok, I will try that. right now I am on x11, but I will try it from here anyway.

You will have to compile mesa-19.2.0-devel as manjaro have it in the repo as an rc, but dunno what mesa and drm version is in debian currently, haven’t looked for a while.

PS lols I was staring at the gpu table but never scrolled down

indead, ive compiled mesa… but cloned drm too because Ive always compiled both on rpi. but there is no api related to panfrost on drm, do you believe than I should do it anyway??

and indeed, ive read that gpu data on the dtb, but i am not sure of being capable of setting the “right values” … i will destroy my rockpi4 gpu if Ive start experimenting with that hahaha its on my nature.

Yeah should be together prob on debian, currently not needed on arch as it uses the latest which is quite old.

ok, its the same output of glxinfo

OpenGL Information
GL_VENDOR: VMware, Inc.
GL_RENDERER: llvmpipe (LLVM 8.0, 128 bits)
GL_VERSION: OpenGL ES 3.0 Mesa 19.0.2

what package I should rape after compiling and installing drm and mesa? ive sent you my package search screen capture.

That current mesa is old but dunno llvm is the dropout virtual software driver you just need panfrost to load which 5.2 or 5.3 even though 5.3-rc1 is terribly slow, I mean really slow opengl wise

Just compile all your stuff reboot and see what you have got.

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confirmed. panfrost its working on armbian even under x11. the performance its not as high on scores as manjaro for some reason, but maybe due to last changes on panfrost. and yes, its more stable, but chromium seems not as good as firefox on manjaro, at least on video decoding (ive have HW enabled by overriding chromium flags) .the problem was, as expected, than you need to update drm before mesa, without it panfrost will not work.

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