Waveshare CM4 IO Base doesn't work with CM3 (hw v1.1)

So I’ve bought a CM3 (RM116-D4E32W) and Waveshare CM4 IO Base (https://wiki.radxa.com/Rock3/CM3/wavesharecm4iobase) but after attaching the module to the board there is no booting.
I even attempted to boot via microsd card (flashed with radxa-cm3-io-debian-buster-xfce4-arm64-20220302-0902-gpt.img) but still no boot.
do you have a documented procedure for this to work ?

We haven’t sold the CM3 standalone yet. It’s bundled with radxa IO board because we need manual power on the CM3.

Check CM3 with Rasp IO board:


well indeed the CM3 came with e23 board but based on your wiki I thought you won’t sell engineering samples and advertise it as working in your wiki.
Now I understand there will be a v1.2 hw that will probably work as advertised…

This is because for CM3 v1.1 and later, we change the PMU to support battery gauge. The power on logic for battery based design is different(think of plugging the battery, should the system boot?). We added an option for manual auto boot circuit by default on CM3 v1.2 and later so it works the same like CM4. For battery based design, you can also select a specific SKU without auto power on.

@jack is there anything to be done on CM3 v1.1 with soldering iron - removing adding some components? (of course outside of normal support/warranty chain)

@jack any comment plase?