Waveshare 7.9in Touchscreen Support?

The change is merged. Thanks steev.

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Thanks for reviewing! I’m definitely not a pro kernel developer, I just wanted to make the wave shares work because a few people were asking about them on the cyberdeck discord as the radxa zero is gaining popularity with rpis being so out of stock. I also happen to love mine too and wanted to see them working. Hopefully this helps people out :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for this steev! I spent an insane amount of effort trying to get this working last year and eventually gave up.

Now I’m excited to revisit my project, which has been parked for so long.


@TheMediocritist, at the risk of threadjacking, I wanted to thank you for publishing your experiments with EDID on this board. I’ve got one of those ubiquitous 5" HDMI 800x480 TFT displays (Elecrow brand) and the EDID is broken, causing the image to be shifted “down” by ~10 pixels or so unless you use a non-native resolution. Somehow, your 480x800_c14.bin had the right timings to fix the display, and I was able to use your experiment logs to hack the audio support into it, so now I have perfect sound and picture.


@theophile I found this thread while trying to debug audio issues with my 5" Elecrow display (RC050S model). Do you mind sharing the steps you took to get it working?