Want to configure a screen for radxa zero

看到树莓派拥有很多三方屏幕,并提供了对应的驱动,但是zero并好像并没有人研究这个,我挺想购买这个屏幕的https://www.waveshare.net/wiki/1.3inch_LCD_HAT ,但是驱动不知道你们有没有人可以移植给zero 使用呢?在此之前,我自己买了一个st_7789驱动的1.14寸的lcd屏幕,但是用gpio模拟spi并没有让屏幕工作起来,请问有人可以提供一个方案嘛,谢谢

I saw that the Raspberry Pi has a lot of third-party screens and provides corresponding drivers, but zero seems to have no one to study this. I bought a 1.14-inch lcd screen driven by st_7789, but using gpio to simulate spi did not make the screen It’s working, can someone provide a solution, thank you


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It would be great if you can share how you did it, so other people can save some time on debugging :smiley: