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Hi. I want to buy rockpi 4 by Aliexpress but they have version 1.3 and 1.4. I can’t define which one to buy, because I don’t understand what the differences are. My intention is to use it as a desktop pc replacement, where I have a Linux PC with Intel Pentium 3. I also have an M.2 nvme ssd to attach it. Someone could guide me which version of rockpi should I buy considering these issues. Thank you

The 1.3 bundle from ALLNET China should theoretically function the same as the 1.4 board, since they added SPI flash to the board. Not sure if sellers on Aliexpress are selling the old 1.3 boards, better buy the newer 1.4 to be safe than sorry. If ALLNET ships to your country, why not buy from them directly?

Hi, thanks for responding so quickly. I don’t buy it online because they charge me $ 49 for shipping.

I believe @NBA from Allnet can solve the 49$ shipping issue.

Hi Aguapi, please send us your delivery address to shop_cn@allnetchina.cn we will look into the shipment cost for your destination! thanks


I just sent you a mail to clarify why things are a bit expensive and provided a solution in upgrading the shipment options in our store for Argentina!

We hope that this will make your purchase experience OK again!

Thanks for your understanding and patience!

The new Rock Pi 4B 1.4 has the following changes:

The status led was changed from RED to BLUE color

Added a place for external wifi/bt antenna (must solder to the board the antenna connector)

4mb SPI flash soldered to the board giving nvme the function to boot from the SPI (but if you buy the unlimited 1.3 edition it comes with one, or you can buy the one with not spi and just solder it later)

Earphone connector was reinforced (the one from the 1.3 is hold by hot glue

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Ok, thanks.I was looking that the boxes have no power button. That option would have been fine. I wanted to know if anyone has any idea if Dietpi can be used.

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I have no information about this specific board. However I did install myself the X735 power management board from Suptronics on Libreelec system.

Info of the X735: http://www.raspberrypiwiki.com/index.php/X735

I had success on making all the things work as it should in a Raspberry. The only thing I had to change was the gpio numbers.

Thanks for answering. But unfortunately, I don’t understand what you mean specifically. If you could explain yourself a little more in detail, as if you were talking to someone who was just born, (joke)

At first when you mentioned the lack of power switches I thought DietPi would be a power management hat. I just Googled and noticed it is a Debian OS. So I’m sorry for making you confused.

Yeah that would be great. Dietpi rocks!