Wake from suspend - GPIO / USB?


I’ve just started playing with my Radxa Zero (4GB / 32GB) and I notice that suspend-to-RAM is enabled in Debian. I’d like to make use of this as my project is battery powered, but I can’t figure out how to wake it after it enters suspend. It doesn’t wake from USB peripherals and I don’t see any obvious way to do this via GPIO - Can this be enabled via the OS or is this handled at a lower level? Has anyone been able to wake it from suspend?

Have you tried rtcwake?

Thank you - rtcwake won’t work at present, think because there is no real RTC on the Zero (so no clock running when it’s suspended). I’ve ordered an i2c-connected RTC, once I’ve got that to work I’ll try again.

Yes no way to use rtcwake without the hardware, I didn’t realize it wasn’t present.

Hi, I’m working on a project that will use the Radxa zero 3W. Since this project is battery powered, I’m wondering where I can find documentation on the suspend to ram functionailty. I’m quite new to this as well, so thank you ahead of time.