Voice Assistant - Microphone and Loudspeaker

Hi Guys,
currently I’m planning my next voice assistant.
Until now, I have used Raspberry Pi Zero WH for my projects.
(Pi, Rhasspy, Docker, Respeaker Hat-2-Mic, HermesLEDcontrol, Squeezelite)

I have some issues with my current setup, that Iam trying to solve with the Rock Pi S.

  • too slow
  • Microphone Wakeword detection not reliable enough

My Rockp Pi S is an 512MB with Wifi and Bluetooth, no Nand.

Question 1:
I assume, that the Line out connection hase only enough power to drive a small headphone or some active audio component.
Does some one know a solution to drive a small Speaker (like build in Laptop’s have)?
Or is it somehow possible to drive a small speaker with the Rock Pi S?

Question 2:
I want to improve the Microphone/Wakeword detection.
Therefore I would like to by an Adafruit Microphone incl. amp.
Is that a way to go?
Does someone here has simelar experience?

Looking forward for some recommendations, thank you