Video : Rock 5B KKSB metal case

Hi all.
I bought the KKSB metal case for the Rock5B.
In this video I show how I put it together and thermals with it.

It ain’t perfect but way better than my Odroid XU4 heatsink I was using.
A bit more metal would keep it cooler. But that’s only an issue if you use the board maxed out a long time.

I’m happy with my Rock5B now. Running Armbian Jammy with Ubuntu-desktop and it is near perfect for me. Great for desktop, gaming, watching video and surfing, building armbian,…

Greetings, NicoD


It’s a great case, perfect I think, thanks for the video!


You can always remove the supplied heatsink as it unscrews to allow for a fan, different heatsink for better cooling and it also supports HATs (according to the website).

I have one on order using your link/discount code and look forward to using it soon as its better thatn the other available cases. Thanks!

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I bought the same. I like it as well.

I’m just running two mp4 videos with mpv on it on two different screens using the two HDMI outputs and it does not get hotter than 70 degree celsius running for more than an hours.


In normal use I’ve not seen it go much over 70c. With gaming, playing music, video’s and so.
Only when you use all CPU cores at max for a long time it will go to throttle temps. And even then it doesn’t throttle much.

Not an issue for me with Rock5B since I just use it as main desktop. Got other RK3588 devices I use for rendering and building Armbian what uses the CPU maxed out a long time.

With a bit more metal and fins like their Khadas cases it would never go that high. But I’m very happy with this. Rock5B now is in my SBC closet and I don’t have to think about it anymore.

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Thx for your (a bit chaotic) video.
I got the same case and if you mount it well, the CPU never exceeds 65˚C.
In addition I did put a 12cm FAN beside which is powered by one of the USB-2.0 ports with just 5V (while it normally needs 12V). With that 5V it runs so smooth and silent that you can even put it beside the bed at night and you won’t hear it.

If you would have more metal in the case the convection cooling would not work, so I think this case is very well done. Just put a fan BESIDE that runs low and it won’t need to throttle :slight_smile:

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The stock passive cooler of Rock5B is enough for light to medium loads, but as for this KKSB case, passive cooling is not sufficient under heavy loads.
I only tested the stock Radxa 40x40x25 blue aluminium cooler, but with a 40mm 5V fan on top, and this already made a significant difference, with temperatures below 70°C at full load. Also, if thermal paste can be used (I did not test), we could probably gain a few degrees.
Recently, I switched to Rock5A with a custom active but quiet cooling solution for light/medium loads in everyday use (as Minecraft server and as general access Armbian workstation) inside the aluminium Radxa EcoPi Pro case.
Finally, I plan to use my Rock5B as NAS and video surveillance station, where the passive cooler is placed in the air flow of the main 120mm extraction fan of a Fractal Design 304 NODE mini ITX case. This way, I only rely on a single fan with long life expectancy, as the solution will have to run continuously over several years… and I hope it will be able to maintain temperatures below critical levels until its retirement :wink:

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