Video : Review of the Rock Pi X - Windows and Linux

Hi all.
I’ve just finished my review video about the Rock Pi X.
I love the little monster. Here is my video.

If anyone knows a fix for the Windows crashes, please let me know.
More video’s to come.
Greetings, NicoD


Hello Nico!

Loved your review and wanted to share mine!

So far I have had fewer windows crashing since switching to a Google Pixel 3a fast charger as a power source and debloating windows, which I have the script in my bio of my videos


Nice video. You seem to have the older version of the board with plugable eMMC.

I did try different chargers. Good some good ones but no difference. Ain’t got a smart-phone, so for sure no pixel fast charger :slight_smile:
I can’t find your script. Could you link it here please.

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Yes of course!
I made a few other videos on the rock pi x but since you have one you don’t need to know much more haha

Here is the script I always run this on windows, edit the blacklist and run the GUI version to your liking!

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Vai ser possível utilizar windows 32bits???