Video : Review of the Rock Pi 4B + set up of Debian and Ubuntu

Hi all.
Here my review video about the RockPi 4B.
I also show how to install a desktop onto Ubuntu Server, and how to configure the OS’es.
I hope you’ll like it.
Greetings, NicoD


Good review and mirrors my experiences. Thanks

Great review NicoD,

I’ve seen there are a few other distros that have been put up on the downloads page (some as coming soon). Once these things are available it would be great if you could review those too?

It seems like this board is getting really good support and strong community engagement which are all promising signs going forwards!



Thank you both.

I will review those too.
When they are out, my video will be out too.
I will share it on the forum.
Greetings, NicoD

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I’m looking forward to it. Out of curiosity, in your video you talked about the need of a fan. I can’t see a heatsink option with a fan from the official distributor so was wondering which fan you used and how you connected it? I’ve also had a look at the board and couldn’t see any mounting screws around the chip itself, is the fan mounted to the heatsink you are using?

Hi. Theres a screw hole on the plexi case where the heatsink is. Check at 0:35s. Its easy to make something yourself with a piece of plastic and raiser screws.
I use a small 5V Raspberry fan connected to the 5V GPIO pin+Ground.

There are different fans, Ive got a good one you dont hear. Some others are very noicy. Theyre cheap, so buy multiple different ones. They always come in handy. Maybe better to use a bigger 5V fan, and order the big heatsink if you can. Ill order is next month. Greetings. NicoD

Thanks for coming back to me.

I was thinking of waiting for the big heatsink and now need to consider whether the smaller heatsink and fan would be a better option?

If I do get the big heatsink I will then need to figure out how I can mount a raspberry pi 5v fan on it and keep it stable.

Do you have a link to the current fan that you are using?

I think it’s this one. Not sure of it.

Or maybe this is better.

Even with a fan and the small heatsink it isn’t cooled enough. So better to have the big heatsink with a bigger fan.
Something like this.

I’m using raisers like these to keep the board high so threre’s enough airflow underneath it.


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Thanks for coming back to me, I will have a look into these.

The board itself is 85mm by 54mm so it might be better to aim for a 50mm by 50mm heat sink rather than a 120mm by 120mm?? That would fit the larger official heatsink much better?

Lots of options to consider

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Here’s my heatsink… works like a charm for 2 of them…


Are you Australian or so?


Where is a Version with x86-Emulator (As Virtual Box) on it ready for install a Windows/Ubuntu - Image?
Somebody installed a Windows10 or Windows 7 on it and saved it as image. Can you send me a ROCK PI4 with that images? Available?