Video : RecalBox on the Rock Pi 4

Hi all.
Here my latest video about RecalBox on the Rock Pi 4.
Tis image will be released Friday the 11th of January.

Its a great image, gaming works very good. Ive tested a few different consoles like Playstation, Playstation Portable, Nintendo64, Sega Mega Drive, …
Heres the video. I hope youll enjoy it.


Thank you, greetings. NicoD


I’m looking forward to trying this out. Can you tell me what size sdcard will be needed to flash the image?

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It doesnt need to be large. If you put all the isos on an external device then you can put RecalBox on a 8GB sd card.

Awesome NicoD!

I’m looking forward to test it, do you know whether we’ll have it available for today finally?


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Yes. I was told it will be released today. “this Friday afternoon (EST)”
So you’ll have to wait a few more hours.

It’s “officially” released now.


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Amazing job by the developer(s).
Many thanks from me, and probably from a lot many more people who will enjoy this image a lot.
I`ll try it again tonight. Maybe some more things are fixed now. Sound should work in KODI according the release note. And PSP should work even better.

First thanks to all, for their efforts on Recalbox and RockPi development,
especially MrFixit in that specific case :slight_smile:
I already tried the last (beta) recalbox image from link above and it worked really well.
Until now I found no bugs or issues! The performance is also really great. All games I tested until now (N64, PSP, etc.), worked well.

I found a similar image for the RockPro board, also released from MrFixit.

My primary question now is, how’s the future plan?
Is it planned to create a Recalbox Fork for all RK3399 boards ? Or is it even planned to migrate with generic Recalbox version and add RK3399 support to that?

If anybody knows it, here are two further questions from my side:

  1. Current RK3399-Recalbox version is based on which Recalbox version? (I assume latest offical with some further updates, is that correct so far)?
  2. Is it planned to add also further emulators, like Dolphin to RK3399 boards, because the hardware is far more poweful as a standard PI and I’d like to see what’s really possible with it :star_struck:

Hi NicoD,

I occasionally came across and found this amusing project. I am not sure if this is still working coz I’ve downloaded the image and power up my 4B but nothing happens.

Thanks in advance