Video : ExplainingComputers Rock Pi4B Review


Hi all.
My colleague Christopher from ExplainingComputers just released a review video about the Rock Pi 4B.

Here it is.


ExplainingComputers is really really good. He has a very high resolution camera. Unluckily we did not sent the latest Android TV firmware. NVMe automatically mount under Android is not implemented yet. It’s added to the todo list already.


Indeed. I also love his videos.
He does it all very professional with great carmera’s and amazing gear.
He is also able to create a very calm and nice vibe in his videos. Every Sunday I’m waiting for his video to come out at the same time. It’s a ritual I would not want to miss.

I’ve talked with him a lot about the Rock Pi 4, and he has watched my videos too.
I bet you’re going to sell a bit more now. My Rock Pi 4 videos suddenly did a lot better after his video was out. So it must be there is interest in it.
He is going to make one more video with the Rock Pi.

I’ll also be making a video next month about the desktop use. I hope things can still improve a bit by then.
First I’ve got to make videos about the Orange Pi3 and PineH64 model b. No ok images available for both, so I’ve got to build them myself. So I’m certainly not complaining about the Rock Pi :slight_smile:

Have a nice day, greetings.


Explaining Computers introduced me to the Rock Pi 4B, so I had to get one. Chris is a great presenter, with the help of Mr. Scissors.
He recently posted another very informative ROCK Pi 4B review regarding heatsink & fan configurations and NVMe R/W tests.

Was surprised to hear about Radxa’s new shorter SSD card. Ordered the long one, just a few weeks too soon. Will replace it ASAP.
It makes it difficult to design a case with easy access to the uSD slot.