Video : Comparing Odroids HC4 & N2+ / Radxa Zero / NanoPi M4 / Raspberry Pi 400

Hi all.
In my latest video I compare the Odroids HC4 and N2+, RPi400, NanoPi M4 and Radxa Zero with each other.
I make a “NicoD opinion benchmark” where I give my thought on what each board is best for. And of course benchmarks…

Greetings, NicoD

I can’t wait to see where the upcoming Radxa Zero 2 will fit in among these boards.

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I hope to be able to review that.
Should be pretty crazy on such a small board. I hope the thermals will not be too bad. But even when underclocked it will still be a little monster.

Only Radxa seems to make boards that interest me much. I’m looking forward to the RockPi3B, RadxaZero2 and of course the Rock5.
Ain’t much other boards I’d like. Except maybe the Khadas VIM4.