Very bad product

Bought 2x rock pi X, none of them works. Nothing on display, no bios. Tried 12V PD and 12V dummy, blind bios reset and so on. I will not flash the bios as a i dont have tools and dont want to do so. I bought something new expecting to work out of the box! Returning to seller and i recommend to everyone not to buy this not working piece of junk. Have a nice day.

Sad you feel that way, I am running 2 Rock Pi X boards on PoE and they have been flawless.


There is always a chance that something is damaged and won’t work but having two boards damaged at same time is almost impossible or both was damaged just by user.
Interestingly instead of looking for solution this was posted. For me it means not bad product but just user :slight_smile:

Runs on 5V ….
At 12V you fried your boards. The Rock Pi X is one of the few boards that Raxda has done right with everything ACTUALLY working.

I highly recommend you purchase and use 5V… most Linux software runs much better on x86/amd64… Everything is pretty much better on this low powered old intel chip.