V1.4 vs 1.3 Compare?


Can someone from radxa confirm the differences between V1.3 and 1.4 ?

Looked on the main homepage but there does not seem to be any extra info yet.

I think the latest news on the main page has the updates:


Also, you can check the hardware revision page:


The updates is trivial. The most notable one should be A 4MB SPI flash is soldered by default.

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@jack I’m sure that I have the version 1.4 but no spi on this PCB and also no blue led.
It is possible that I get a version between 1.3 and 1.4. All other feature upgrades I have.
BR Rene

@rene its marked on the board in white top side and it will clearly say what you have.

“stuartiannaylor” in Rene defence he may have a point … V 1.4 that was shipped to me did not have the BLUE LED … but does say v1.4!

I am not saying anything about function just purely so he can be sure of what version he has.

Figured out the situation, there are a small batch of v1.4 production test run which is still the BOM of v1.3 at the transforming stage. It should not be public but only for internal usage such as donating to some developers. They must be mixed in the factory. You can consider it’s the version between v1.3 and v1.4(call it v1.35 maybe).