Using the M.2 connector on Rock Pi 4 as a PCIe x1 for graphics card

Hello all,
I was wondering if the M.2 slot on the rock Pi 4 can be used to attach a graphics card. I know there are many aftermarket kits that allow an M.2 slot to have an extender to use for an external graphics card or what ever.
If this is possible, can the supplied M.2 to flex cable board from the NVME kit be used?

You can use the M.2 to PCIe x4 adapter for some PCIe cards but you can not use graphics card because for RK3399, the BAR address is only 32MB, unless you want to use a graphics card with less than 32MB graphics memory…

Other pcie cards such as ethernet, usb3 hub, uarts should work.

Thanks for the info. I may use it for pcie devices.